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                                                            PINE OIL


                                                            PINE OIL

                                                            CAS Number: 

                                                            Major component: 

                                                            Various monohydric alcohols and other derivatives of terpene, with α- terpineol the major. 

                                                            Yellowish transparent oily liquid. Sparingly soluble in water. It may decompose on heating and in contacting with acids, and subsequently reduce the flotation efficacy.

                                                            Principal uses: 
                                                            The pine oil is widely used in the flotation of various metallic and non-metallic minerals. It is mainly used in the flotation of warious sulfide ores, such as lead, copper,zinc, and iron sulfide, and non-sulfide minerals. It exhibits some collecting properties, especially for readily flotable minerals, such as talc, graphite, sulpher, molybdenite and coal etc. The froth produced by pine oil is more persistent than that produced by other frothers. 


                                                            Speicial grade Grade 1 Grade 2
                                                            Monohydric alcohols content % ≥ 49.0 44.0 39.0
                                                            Density ( 20 ℃) g/ml 0.9 0.9 0.9
                                                            Period of validity ( month) 24 24 24
                                                            Packing: 170kg/steel drum, 185kg/plastic drum

                                                            Storage & transport:
                                                            To be protected from water, torrid sunlight and fire, no lain down, no upside down.

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